APEC Water High Flow 90 GPD Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Filter System Review 2016


This particular system is a part of the APEC ultimate series. This means that it is equipped with all the useful features, alongside the reverse osmosis system which has been designed in a way that it caters only to the highest standards of quality and strong performance. Due to the fact that this system was designed and manufactured, it also comes equipped with US filters which are built to last. These filters have been proven and tested using a complex quality control process before it was finally introduced to the market.

Also, this unit also comes equipped with high quality JG quick connects fittings, ensuring that the maintenance and installation is fast and easy. It also uses the same filtration technology used by most companies selling bottled water. As a result, there is an assurance that households can enjoy access to fresh, great tasting and healthy water each and every day. No need to worry about leakage or noise while operating because it has been designed to provide automatic, quiet and smooth operation. The moment the tank is full, the product will shut the system off automatically, thus saving water.


  • Complete 5-stage Reverse Osmosis System
  • US Made Premium Grade Filter Cartridges
  • Versatile Feed Water Adapter
  • Lead Free Chrome Faucet
  • WQA Certified Contaminants Rejection Percentage
  • 1 year satisfaction Guarantee


Other systems available in the market include the . The first stage of the system is the “sediment filtration” phase, which allows the passing of particles which are under five microns. The second is the “one micron carbon filtration” which removes parasites such as entamoeba cryptosporidium and giardia.

Another system is the with brushed nickel faucet. This system collaborates the filtering elements that works in further reducing contaminants while increasing efficiency. It also comes with a pre-filter which has been designed to possible reduce sediments which can otherwise clog the next stages. It is very useful in communities where the water contains more than the average of silt and sediment.

The iSpring RCC7 is another brand in the water filtration system industry which has captured the attention of many users. It offers 5-stages of filtration of water, thus providing the assurance of good quality and great tasting water. While other water filtering systems claim that they can reduce contaminants, this unit can remove them totally. It is also capable of removing harmful contaminants, such as arsenic. Its filtering system also reduces the existence of any lingering odors and tastes.

Comparing the features of the three additional water filtering system models including the APEC Water High Flow 90 GPD Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Filter System, there is no doubt that the latter remains the best choice that you can have possible. It is not just considered as a traditional system for water filtration, but it has passed the highest standards when it comes to quality check. It has the capability to treat different types of water, at different pressure and pH ranges. The best part is that it is affordable and can fit in right to your budget. You will definitely get the value of every penny spent.


  • Built in the USA
  • Durable System that can last for decades
  • Automatic and smart design
  • Treats all types of water
  • Low maintenance
  • 99% contaminants free
  • Worry, leak and noise free
  • Easy to install and maintain


  • Some users hesitate on its durability


The APEC Water High Flow 90 GPD Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Filter System has the capability to produce up to 90 gallons water every day. It is also able to purify twice as fast compared to traditional reverse osmosis systems. It can also eliminate up to 99% of contaminants. Just like average APEC systems, this unit can treat different types of water, ranging from well water, soft, hard, and even tap water. This is due to its 5-stages of purification, using US made premium grade filter cartridges.

Therefore, if you need clean water for drinking, or other purposes, you have the assurance that clean and purified water is available for you, thanks to this water filtering system. It does not just allow you to have access to clean water, but it also provides you convenience of use. In fact, you only have to change the pre-filters once every year. This can mean ultimate savings on your part. Since it also carries the APEC name, you can be assured that there is also an extra lead free chrome faucet that comes upon purchase. As part of its quality guarantee, this product also comes with a one-year limited warranty as well as free technical support for the lifespan of the system.

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