Purify Your Water For Better Hair, Skin, and Health

Purify Your Water For Better Hair, Skin, and Health

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Just for fun, take a sample of the tap water from your kitchen faucet at home to a water testing facility. The results from it will shock you. Household water often contains about the same high levels of chlorine in it as a public spa or swimming pool does. The chlorine covers our hair and skin when we bathe in it, and it can also damage our bodies internally when we drink it. While chlorine is necessary for disinfecting water, it is also obviously very damaging to our health. That is why it is very important to filter your entire household water supply to remove it.

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When chlorine is mixed with water, it sanitizes it, but it also produces acids. These acids damage skin and hair cells on contact. It does the same damage if it is consumed internally. Regularly exposure to chlorine also strips away important natural oils on the skin and hair that are needed, and this can lead to premature aging of the skin and dried out brittle hair. In other words, the daily showers that you are taking in chlorine rich water are causing you more harm than good.

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Chlorine is called a sanitizer, but it is essentially a pesticide. Its main purpose is to kill any harmful living microorganisms that come in contact with it. This is what make it so dangerous for humans or animals. It can make people sick when even small amounts of it are absorbed through their skin on a regular basis. It can also trigger breathing problems for anyone exposed to chlorine fumes that are released when a person is showering in water treated with it. Its toxic effects can lead to a multitude of other dangerous illnesses including the following:

  • Heart Disease
  • Bronchitis and asthma
  • Breast Cancer
  • Eczema
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After learning the harmful effects of chlorine, many people might wonder why we ever started using it in the first place. Chlorine has been used to treat household water supplies, pools, and spas since the 1800’s. Because there are many water born illnesses, chlorine’s main purpose is to kill any harmful germs or bacteria that could make people sick. Before its use was started, many people died from diseases like cholera that were caused from drinking contaminated water. Its other purposes are to disinfect surfaces and act as a bleach to keep water clear and prevent algae from growing.

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To protect your hair, skin, and health, it is best to install a special filter that fits on your shower head or a complete water filtration system that filters all of your household water. The results from bathing in pure filtered water will amaze you. It makes your hair more shiny and manageable, and your skin dries out less easily. Hair color treatments also tend to last longer without chlorine causing them to fade and dull. Even natural untreated hair can become lifeless due to washing it in chlorine treated water, so it is important that it be protected from chlorine as well.

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