What are my yearly costs to run a reverse osmosis system?

What are my yearly costs to run a reverse osmosis system?

The dimension of water purification changed all over the world with the introduction of reverse osmosis systems that could give us the freedom to use salty seawater. You probably have heard of this systems before or even you are looking forward to buying one.

In order to learn and understand how reverse osmosis systems works and be able to use it, you must first understand the term osmosis. Osmosis is the process in which a solvent ( in this case water ) moves from a region of high solute concentration to a region of low solute concentration through a semi-permeable membrane. Osmosis is made possible due to the existence of osmotic pressure between the region of high water potential and that of low water potential.

Reverse osmosis is the takes place under the influence of external pressure that bypasses the normal osmotic pressure. Here solvent molecules (water) move from a region of low solvent concentration to a region of high solvent concentration through a semi-permeable membrane with the aid of externally applied pressure.

This concept was used to build reverse osmosis systems that purify seawater by passing it through a semi-permeable membrane and coming up with pure drinkable water on the other end. The main advantage of this system is that it is able to totally clean water by removing salt ions, minerals and microorganisms. This makes it the safest water purification method available.

These are the components of this system and their functions in the order of water purification process in the reverse osmosis systems:


Sediment filter

This filter traps particles such as rust, sand and calcium carbonate

Fine sediment filter

This sediment filter contains smaller pores to filter out finer particles of impurities

Activated carbon filter.

This filter traps organic chemicals and chlorine that always destroy the thin film composite membrane in the reverse osmosis filter.

Reverse osmosis filter.

It contains the thin film composite membrane that removes chemicals from the water.

Second carbon filter.

This removes those chemicals that not removed in the reverse osmosis membrane.

Ultraviolet lamp.

It sterilizes the water and removes all microbes not removed in the reverse osmosis membrane.

Nano-membrane and hyper-membrane.

Some makes contain either both or one of this filter membrane that help remove even the impurities that have the smallest size possible and managed to pass through the semi-permeable membrane.

Portable reverse osmosis systems are now being sold for home and personal use. They can be used by those who live in rural areas and have no access to water except for the salty sea water. With this system, they can purify this water and consume it. This portable system can also be used by sea travelers going for long trip or long fishing sprees; they can carry this system on their boats as a backup plan when the fresh water on board gets finished. If you like island camping them this portable system is a must carry for you, it could be of great use when your fresh water supply runs out before you decamp or when you decide to extend your camping period.

Today you can easily find reverse osmosis systems in almost every place you go as their uses have been diversified into industrial use due to the low operational cost covered and high production efficiency. Here are some of the examples of industrial applications.

Food industry

Reverse osmosis systems are used to increase the concentration of fruit drinks and juices.

Dairy industry

These systems are used to process powdered whey proteins for easy storage and transportation.

Wine industry

These systems are used to make fine wine with no chemicals or impurities.

Maple syrup production

It is used to increase the concentration of maple syrup.


These systems are used to clean aquarium water from tap water that is it removes impurities such as chemicals from tap water.

You should consider purchasing reverse osmosis systems for your needs as its uses are diverse, from home use to industrial use, you are guaranteed value for your money.

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