Where Can I Buy Reverse Osmosis Water?

Where Can I Buy Reverse Osmosis Water?

We’ve heard this question more than once „Where can I buy reverse osmosis water?“. First, we should point out that we always recommend to install a reverse osmosis system at home. Why? Simply because it is much cheaper in the long run. A reverse osmosis system will provide you with an endless supply of freshly filtered and clean water. The cost effectiveness is immense considering that todays reverse osmosis systems are ranging between 200$ - 300$. This is a reasonable investment compared to the costs of buying bottled reverse osmosis water. Even the Environmental Working Group (EWG) advises you to avoid bottled water if you can.

Please have a look at our extensive buying guide for reverse osmosis systems here.

But of course, you are not at home all the time and can’t carry around bottles of your own filtered water at any given minute. So it absolutely makes sense to keep a stock of bottled reverse osmosis water to make sure you have access to clean water even when you are travelling or working out.

In recent years concerns about the bottled-water industry are growing and they do for good reason. We are guessing this is in response to recent news that most of the tap water in the USA is tainted with low levels of prescription drugs and other scary findings. And even large companies had to admit that some of their water is nothing but tap water from public sources. This is of course a problem since we are working on this site everyday to inform you about the dangers of some of the components in your drinking water. And who wants to make the effort and install a reverse osmosis at home only to drink unfiltered tap water from a bottle when you are not at home.

In 2011 the Environmental Working Group (EWG) analyzed 173 different bottled waters and the results were devastating. Almost 20% of the companies did not disclose where the water comes from and another 32% did not disclose any information on the purity of their water or it’s treatment.

For full information and a full list of all the tested bottled water please have a look at the EWG Report right here.

So, where can I get reverse osmosis water?

Despite everything said above we’ve spend some trying to find you a few companies that produce properly filtered RO water that you can also order online. Please note that all information is gathered from public information and can change when companies decide to change up their way to produce the water.


  • Purified through micro-filtration, UV lighting and reverse osmosis
  • No chlorine or flouride
  • Enhanced with pure minerals
  • Restructured through ionic separation
  • Electrolyte infused
  • BPA and Phthalate free recyclable bottles
  • Silky smooth taste

  • Unique, patented 13-step, 11-hour filtration and purification process
  • process includes spinning the water under high speed and pressure (cavitation)
  • Produces smaller, more readily absorbed water clusters that in turn provide advanced hydration
  • Uses patented physics, not chemicals to produce pure water

  • Ultra-Purified Spring Water (Reverse Osmosis, Carbon & Sediment Filtration)
  • Enhanced with Premium Elete Electrolytes (Potassium, Magnesium, Chloride)
  • Alkaline pH 7.5+ (at time of bottling)
  • Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) 123 ppm
  • Premium BPA-free 100% recyclable bottles

  • 12-Step Quality Process that includes reverse osmosis and/or distillation
  • Water softener used to reduce hardness
  • Removal of chlorine an THMs
  • Selected minerals added for taste
  • 1 Liter bottle contains on average 25% less plastic versus comparable size carbonated and non-carbonated beverages

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